Organizational Consulting…
Positive Workplaces Where People Thrive

Envision this: Your employees are fully engaged in the organization’s mission and bring their strengths to work. Your leaders are confident in their ability to mobilize their people on projects to maximize results. Team members celebrate individual strengths and diverse points of view.

Does this sound like a dreamworld? Today’s competitive pressures and constant changes make it more likely that your most valuable asset — people — are stressed, distracted, and muddling through.

Research has shown that regular affirmative communication and recognition practices in the workplace engage people, yielding better business results. When your employees know they are making a meaningful difference, they become committed to the organization’s success.

By partnering with WorkPaths Consulting, you can create the conditions for a positive workplace in which your people thrive. We dig deeply to inquire into underlying issues, bringing a uniquely appreciative approach to identify needs. Our work with you is collaborative and ongoing — not transactional — and we discuss and plan for follow-up activities early to sustain gains.

Consulting engagements are customized and varied, and may include the following:

  • Team development grounded in the work of the organization
  • Effective management of interpersonal conflict
  • Development planning and training that is imbedded in the work culture. Click here for a list of workshops.
  • Application of appreciative inquiry and positivity to communications practices
  • Leadership practices that build capacity and sustain the organization over time
Contact Katherine Maloney at WorkPaths Consulting to set up a free consultation to determine how we can partner with you to meet your career goals!

“While I was the Director of Prevention and Wellness for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Kathy conducted team development programs for my staff which strengthened my team’s performance. Kathy met with me prior to her development activities with my team. She asked insightful questions and listened to my answers. Then she, on the spot, came up with suggested ideas for exercises and plans for the next session with my staff. She was always right on target with these strategies and tactics.”

Janet Edmunson, President, JME Insights and former Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

“While at BCBSMA, Kathy was a valued business partner to me in support of the Health Care Services and Finance groups. Not only did we partner successfully on business initiatives, but Kathy became my mentor and coached me through a very difficult decision, providing me with relevant and invaluable insight and guidance when I needed it most. She possesses the rare, combined qualities of business acumen, emotional intelligence, empathy and most importantly, common sense.”

Katrina Lewis (Papillon), Principal Talent Acquisition at Medtronic