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How the MBTI Adds Value to Team Collaboration

Colleen and Stella both work at a medical device company and develop a catalog to market the products. Though they often complement each other well, recently they have reached a stalemate on this year’s catalog drop.MBTI Colleen, a product manager, wants to make sure the catalog hits the printer well in advance of her conservative [...]

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Engaging Staff in Today’s Tight Climate

As an employer, I don't need to tell you that the trend towards operating lean and mean continues for many reasons: rising costs of goods and services, payroll costs (including health care) and technology.engaging In fact, since the year 2000, advances in technology have eliminated more positions than new people entering the workforce. With fewer [...]

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Tours of Duty: A New Way of Working

There's a wave coming. You sense it when your competitor beats you to market with that inventive product or highly efficient way of doing business. Or, you sense the wave when your top performer in marketing, in whom you have invested by sending them to that prestigious, pricey leadership program, leaves suddenly to join a [...]

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Tools for Focusing on Staff Strengths

I made the case previously that, as a leader, it benefits you and your team to focus energy on finding and encouraging staff strengths rather than on cataloging their deficits. By now, it is well documented that results of this more positive approach to coaching employees include enhanced motivation and higher performance and productivity. I [...]

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How to Coach: Focus on Staff Strengths

There is a saying that wherever you focus your attention determines your reality and results. As a leader, if you focus on poor worker performance, you will surely find it. It follows that feedback to workers will likely emphasize their gaps, not strengths. Constructive feedback may motivate people in the short-term, but if you want [...]

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