Assessments… Insight into You at Work

Overview of Assessments and Benefits of Using a Coach

The first stage in identifying a career path or in developing potential as a leader is taking stock of your abilities, interests, values, and preferences. A variety of assessment tools provide a “window” into you and they can be a baseline for sound goal setting and planning. Today a multitude of assessments are easily accessible on the Internet; unfortunately, more is not always better. Internet-based tools are often untested for validity and reliability, making their output questionable. Without a coach, you are on your own when it comes to interpreting results.

Personalized Approach

Because every coaching or consulting engagement is unique, WorkPaths Consulting works with clients to determine the desired outcome. Together we decide which, if any, assessment tools will yield the information needed to achieve career or leadership development objectives.

Available Assessments from WorkPaths Consulting

We offer assessments that have been used and vetted during years of administering them with hundreds of clients. The tools all have a self-assessment component, and some have an “other” assessment component, allowing feedback from co-workers.

Assessment Tools

Core work-related values for career planning
Career coaching needs and goals for new coachees
Core business interests, values, and directions
Preferred behavioral style for self-awareness
Leadership competencies, vulnerabilities, and possible career “derailers”
Strategic leadership strengths required for specific leader roles
Preferred approaches to living life and working/interacting with others
More depth on preferred approaches to living life and working/interacting with others
Leadership strengths through anecdotal examples
Skills and development needs for career planning
Strengths for career or leadership development
General and occupational interests for career planning
Conflict management style for leader/team effectiveness
*Career Coaching Questions Checklist is a proprietary assessment tool offered only by WorkPaths Consulting.