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Tools for Focusing on Staff Strengths

I made the case previously that, as a leader, it benefits you and your team to focus energy on finding and encouraging staff strengths rather than on cataloging their deficits. By now, it is well documented that results of this more positive approach to coaching employees include enhanced motivation and higher performance and productivity. I [...]

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How to Coach: Focus on Staff Strengths

There is a saying that wherever you focus your attention determines your reality and results. As a leader, if you focus on poor worker performance, you will surely find it. It follows that feedback to workers will likely emphasize their gaps, not strengths. Constructive feedback may motivate people in the short-term, but if you want [...]

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An Action-Oriented Career Strategy

Setting a career goal isn’t easy: It takes soul-searching and getting real with what you may want to do versus where your skill strength might lead you. It also takes feedback and “head’s down” development planning, not to mention the support of people around you: your partner, your friends, and even your current manager. Once [...]

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