Walking with You on
the Path to Your Best Work

Katherine Maloney of WorkPaths Consulting is an expert career and leadership coach and team development consultant. She is known for her energy, insight, creativity, and humor as she collaborates with individuals to develop meaningful careers and with work groups to achieve high performance through positive communication practices.

For Individuals…

Have you reached that point in your career where you are asking yourself, “How did I get here?” Do you often wish you could be more engaged in your work, and wonder what type of work would fully use your natural talents and interests? Are there days when you spend 8, 9, 10, or more hours at work and do not know if you have made a difference for your customers, co-workers, or organization?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you likely have hit a career crossroads, and this can be a stressful and uncertain time. Working with Katherine of WorkPaths Consulting can help move you from paralysis to purpose.

For Organizations…

Envision this: Your employees are fully engaged in the organization’s mission and bring their strengths to work. Your leaders are confident in their ability to mobilize their people on projects to maximize results. Team members celebrate individual strengths and diverse points of view.

Does this sound like a dreamworld? Today’s competitive pressures and constant changes make it more likely that your most valuable asset — people — are stressed, distracted, and muddling through.